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Systemised By Design Our Mission

To save the life of a road worker.

The incident that never happens is the one that is never reported, so we will never actually know if we have succeeded.

This is what allows us to keep going.


One thing we do know is that too many road workers are seriously injured or killed in the line of performing their work.

That is unacceptable. 

Our humble assault on the common place in the temporary traffic management industry is to force the evolution of products and practices out of the past and into the future through fit for purpose, industry specific engineering controls to mitigate the hazards or thoughtful equipment designed to eliminate the risk of having a boot on the ground in a high speed environment.  

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We start with a problem and distill it down to a simple question.


When we have our question, we go about answering it in two ways- awareness and development. 

Awareness of the options available is the first step in asking someone to choose a better one.

Safety products come in ranges all along the spectrum of great to useless. Some are 'bells and whistles', however others are effective pieces of kit. We want to show you which ones are which so you can make a better choice.

Our little YouTube channel Traffic Talk Today is a place where we find, review and test new and interesting safety devices that could make the difference between someone going home or not. 

Development of new and novel devices designed from the ground up for the TTM industry. We start with a simple question and build out an idea or series of ideas from there. We research, experiment, prototype, seek feedback and go again. 

Our current questions we are solving for 

1. How can we interrupt driver distraction on approach to a worksite, and

2. How can we eliminate the daily setup & pack up of worksites to limit the exposure to risk.

We have a working group fleshing out and reviewing supporting research for a solution for number 1 and are almost at completion for solving number 2 for project sites. 

How can you get involved or benefit from what we are up to?


Thats the easy bit. Get in touch with me:

Check out some of our reviews and let us know what you think or if you want us to check out something specific.  

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