At SBD, we specialise in solving immediate and future problems to arrest operational wastage and drive higher margins for your business through soft and 'hard' design & build methods.


For some customers, this means an IT systems based solution to reduce waste and work hours on a particular task or function, for others it means the research, development and prototyping of a new product line to keep ahead of the competition. 

Our team of specialists manage your project from end to end driving towards agreed business outcomes. 


System Development

Today, if you are not investing time into developing a streamlined business process using IT solutions and automation, you will be left behind by your competition, it really is that simple. 

New digital systems and tools can sit along side your analogue processes to drive efficiency and improvement, it doesn't have to be an all-in or all-out option - whats taking a lot of time to complete, what are you spending time on fixing and lets address that part only. Think of how MYOB or other accounting software has transformed your financial reporting, payroll and invoicing and is separate to the rest of the business functions - now what if a simple stand alone tool could save hours on paper job dockets, time sheets and leave requests being completed and processed - its worth a thought. 

Product Research & Development and Prototyping

While systems are useful and can reduce waste massively, having an eform isn't going to impress your customers, make your workplace safer or massively rectify the margin creep you have been experiencing. That is why we kickstarted Systemised R&D, a team dedicated to creating product or market segment solutions by developing new product offerings that put you ahead of your competition. 

New product development is driven by your customers and is all about market positioning as well as generating internal IP for your business that has the potential to be traded on for decades to come. 

We have developed Portable Traffic Signal Sets and solar powered remote activated temporary traffic management signage for project works- these projects have needed solving and building from the ground up, market research and testing, full custom spec and design, fabrication and prototype manufacture, government approvals, leading into production run development for release to market. 

We are experienced in market evaluation and acceptance of your product ideas before we lift a tool to start building and can give advice around the best ways to design in the initial stages to minimise production costs and time frames later on. 


Looking for a competitive advantage in the market?

We can design small volume manufacturing runs to get your product into the hands of your staff and out in the field before your competitors know what's even going on. Being able to offer a potential client something that no one else can, that brings true value to them is a huge advantage. What problems do your clients need solved? Solve it for them...

We employ many fabrication and manufacturing methods, including:

  • 3D design and 3D printing in various materials inc. carbon fibre, nylon & PETG

  • Low pressure silicone moulding

  • Thermo forming plastics and composites 

  • Traditional metal fabrication 

  • Fibreglass and resin casting


Product Reviews and Demonstrations

Aside from our own product development work, I'm always interested in having a look at and testing out other great new products and traffic management industry innovations! We search all over the place and get our hands on some interesting new things to review and test out. 

While I like to do this out of interest, the traffic industry is quite slow to pick up new tools and devices - I'm not sure if that's because new products aren't marketed that well, or if companies simply decide that they don't need them so they're not going to go to the expense - either way - I really enjoy introducing new products to the TCs of the world and am doing my best to keep them informed on Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube.

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