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SAFETY ALERT- TC Positioning on site

While it may seem safe initially, the unexpected can happen.

From a recent report coming from a WA client, Warp has generated this safety alert as a reminder to all TCs working across the country to consider their positioning options while on site - whether on at a control point, performing pedestrian management or while on your break.

Often we find ourselves reacting to circumstances and from time to time, look up and see we are not in the best position to maximise our level of safety. Sometimes we find that the best position to be in to see through the site and keep an eye on our clients and motorists is also not the safest position for ourselves and we choose to place our own safety in the hands of someone else.

The content of this Safety Alert is based on the WA version of the MUTCD and the RMS manual, however the sentiment is spot on and encourage you to challenge yourself to see if you can find a safer positioning option for you and your team while you are out there keeping everyone safe.

Check out the safety alert below!



Traffic Controller positioned incorrectly while performing Stop/Slow.


Incorrect positioning will increase the risk of being struck by Vehicles/Machinery resulting in serious harm or death.

RECOMMENDATIONS - (Extracted from the Traffic Controllers Handbook)

4.1 Where to stand:

· Try to stand where you can see both ends of the work area (your end and the end where the other Traffic Controller is located).

· You must be clearly seen. Do not stand in the shade, dusty areas or where the sun may obstruct you or the on-coming driver's vision, In particular you should take care that you can be seen at dawn or dusk, against low morning or evening sun and when in shadow on a sunny day.

· You must be aware of stopping distance in locating yourself and stopping the first vehicle.

· Always have an escape route in case a vehicle appears not to be stopping.

· You must be able to see approaching vehicles at least one and a half times the approach speed limit in metres (For example, if the speed limit is 60 km/h, you should be able to see at least 90m) and they must be able to see you at the same distance. (See diagram on next page). The end of the queue must not be closer than 1.5D or total stopping distance whichever is greater to the curve or crest.

· Do not obstruct a driver's view of other signs and devices and, make sure you are not yourself partially hidden by one of these.

· Stand facing the traffic but just outside the path of vehicles.

· Once traffic has stopped, ensure that you are clearly visible to further traffic as it arrives; stay at the head of the traffic queue and stand by yourself. (do not permit people to congregate at the traffic control station.)

· Always be aware of your surroundings and remember vehicles and plant from the work area pose a risk as well as public road users.

If you have many further questions, please contact your Branch Manager or Britt O’Dwyer HSEQ & HR Advisor on 0488 408 802



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